On July 23, 1944 marked a historic moment in WWII for the United States Army Air Forces, as well as in the history of Richland and the Hanford area. 

Around 51,000 employees from Hanford Engineer Works donated a day’s pay towards the purchase of a B-17 bomber.  This amazing community effort coming together to share resources in contributing to the war effort showcases how one community can come together to make a difference.

To keep the spirit of the Day’s Pay alive, The REACH Foundation holds an annual fundraiser that enables our community to come together in support of how we tell, share and inspire the history of our area, the current way of life, and what the future holds for the next generations to come.

It takes a community to make an impact, and we need YOU!

At this year’s Day’s Pay Fundraising Event, we are honoring a local community leader and former Board member, Mr. Ron Lerch!

Join us as we come together once again as a community in support and celebration of The REACH Museum and its 5th Anniversary! All funds raised will go towards the overall operations of the museum in helping to share the story of our past, present and future.

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