The Reach Foundation is grateful to all of our sponsors and guests who attended the recent Day’s Pay Fundraiser. Your generous support helped us raise over $40,000 to improve the lives of those in need. We couldn’t have done it without your kindness and generosity. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals and continue our mission. We appreciate all that you do to support us, and we hope to see you at our future events. 

Ignite the Spirit of Generosity: Raise the Paddle for Our Community’s Legacy

On July 23, 1944, the United States Army Air Forces and the Hanford area in Richland, Washington, experienced a historic milestone during World War II. Discover how approximately 51,000 dedicated employees from Hanford Engineer Works united in an extraordinary effort by donating a day’s pay towards the acquisition of a B-17 bomber.


Motivated by the shared goal of supporting the war effort, the employees of Hanford Engineer Works rallied together and raised a remarkable sum of nearly $300,000. This substantial amount was pooled through their generous donations of a day’s pay, a tremendous sacrifice during those times.


The funds raised by Hanford Engineer Works’ employees were dedicated to the purchase of a B-17 Bomber, which would be used in combat operations during World War II. This extraordinary contribution demonstrated the unity and determination of the Hanford community to play an active role in defending their nation.


The acquisition of the B-17 Bomber by Hanford Engineer Works remains a testament to the community’s dedication and patriotism. It symbolizes the collective efforts and sacrifices made during World War II.


Today, the story of Hanford Engineer Works’ purchase of the B-17 Bomber serves as a powerful reminder of the Hanford community’s enduring legacy. It exemplifies the spirit of resilience, unity, and commitment to the war effort that continues to inspire generations.


By preserving and sharing this remarkable piece of history, we ensure that the memory of Hanford Engineer Works’ acquisition of the B-17 Bomber lives on, reminding us of the community’s extraordinary contributions during one of the most critical periods in our nation’s history.

Preserving the Spirit of Unity: The Annual Reach Foundation Fundraiser


At the heart of our annual fundraiser organized by the Reach Foundation lies a powerful and engaging tradition known as “Raise the Paddle.” This unique event offers a remarkable opportunity for our community to come together and make a tangible impact on the preservation and storytelling of our area’s history.


What is “Raise the Paddle”?


“Raise the Paddle” is an exciting moment during our fundraiser where individuals like you have the chance to contribute directly to our cause. It’s a collective effort where participants raise their paddles, symbolizing their commitment to supporting the mission of the Reach Foundation.


Making a Difference, One Paddle at a Time


When you raise your paddle, you are not just raising funds; you are raising the spirits of generations to come. Your generous donation goes beyond the monetary value—it becomes an investment in our community’s heritage, the present way of life, and the aspirations we hold for the future.


Every paddle raised represents a shared belief in the power of preserving history, celebrating achievements, and inspiring the next generation. Together, we can ensure that the remarkable stories of the Hanford area, its contributions during World War II, and the legacy of Hanford Engineer Works continue to be told and cherished.

Your Support Matters! Join the Community’s Impactful Journey


By participating in “Raise the Paddle,” you become an integral part of our collective journey. Your contribution directly supports the REACH Museum’s efforts to create engaging exhibits, educational programs, and community events that bring the history of our area to life. It enables us to reach a wider audience, engage with diverse perspectives, and foster a deeper understanding of our shared heritage.


Join Us in Raising the Paddle


We invite you to be a catalyst for change, a guardian of our history, and an inspiration for future generations. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to make a real and lasting impact. When the moment comes to raise the paddle, be ready to stand alongside your community and ignite the spirit of generosity within you.


Your involvement can transform the narrative of our past, shape the present, and create a future filled with possibility. Together, let’s raise the paddle, raise our voices, and raise our community towards a brighter tomorrow.


Mark your calendars, gather your enthusiasm, and prepare to make a difference. We eagerly await your participation in this year’s “Raise the Paddle” event.


Together, let’s continue to make a difference!